From manuscript to published book
From manuscript to published book



The publishing 
revolution began a few years ago

when online sources,

such as Amazon,

made it possible for authors to release their works

in both print and digital, without an agent or a legacy publisher. 


This paradigm shift happened because too many writers were discouraged by the lack of opportunity to
become authors.

Now that millions of books have been
indie published, 

maybe it’s time for you to consider

Indie Publishing.


If you have a manuscript

and don’t know where to

go with it, 


can help you take it 

all the way.

You’ll get

professional assistance to make your book

the best it can be. 



We’ll start by reading your submission (see “How to Submit”) to determine whether we like what you’ve written. Then we’ll send you our comments so you can decide if you would enjoy working with us.


If so, ask us for a proposal and cost estimate.


We are a fee-for-service indie publisher. You choose only the services you need: editing, formatting, cover design, uploading, marketing, and more. Once you set a budget and decide what you want, we work with you one-on-one to get your book published, in months instead of years.


Ask a lot of questions. Beware of “publishers” who are predators that take your money without giving you much to show for it.


What Indie Publishing is NOT: a printer.

We won’t send your formatted manuscript to a printer,

and then try to get your book on shelves at bookstores.


All sales for both print and digital

see Marketing under “Editing and Other Services

The printed copies are ordered via “print-on-demand,” so you won’t have to try to sell your books from a box in the trunk of your car.


Your book is YOUR BOOK! 

You own the copyright and the ISBN, even if we publish it for you. PLUS you have final approval on the content and the cover. 


Once your book is published,

all royalties go straight to you.

All net earnings are yours.


We hope you hit it out of the park!

On Becoming an AUTHOR

Too busy writing

your next book

to bother with

technical details?


No graphic design or formatting experience?


Is marketing not

in your wheelhouse?





traverse the forest of

indie publishing

for you.


You select only the services you need:



cover design

file uploading 

ISBNs + barcodes 


and more.


The result: now you’re a published author. Congratulations!

You did it.

With a little help from TREATY OAK PUBLISHERS.


And don’t stop there.

Sign up for our customized
Marketing Program

to help your book stand out in the crowd.

If you're a WRITER who wants to be an AUTHOR,

send us an email. 

Our FREE critique will get you headed in the right direction.


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