From manuscript to published book
From manuscript to published book



Even the best writers need editing on at least one level. We’ll recommend one or more after we read your submission.


How to Submit




DEVELOPMENTAL character and plot, dialogue

and action,

story structure 



POV, sentence structure, sequencing,

tags, and logic


LINE EDITING punctuation, spelling,

grammar, and word choice





Great cover design can make a
huge difference

in the success of your book.




For print

and digital,

we offer both

 original concept


cover design

or will incorporate your art or photograph.

Spine and back cover copy included.





Different files are required for print and digital.


We make the formatting look professional while it’s hassle-free for you.


The wide range of rules and options can be frustrating if you don’t know how the details come together.


We streamline the uploading process for both print and digital.





You can’t publish without them.

Even if you know where to get

ISBNs & barcodes,

they're expensive to buy individually.


We provide everything our clients need

at a much

lower rate.



Learn the difference between

“buzz” and sales.


We’ll help you

get reviews and

use social media,

then implement

our customized MARKETING PROGRAM

to place your book

directly in front

of buyers

in your genre.



If you're a WRITER who wants to be an AUTHOR,

send us an email. 

Our FREE critique will get you headed in the right direction.

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